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"The past two years have been an amazing experience. Learning from you helped make me a better musician. I bet there is no other teacher in the world as good as you. Thank you for being my teacher! " (5th grade student)

"Thank you for making the violin fun while teaching the importance of practice and respect for the instrument." (Parent of 4th Grade student)

"Thank you for a fabulous year! You have been such a blessing to our family! Thank you for all of your encouragement & love! Your love for music, your students & the Lord overflows in an awesome combination!" (Parent of two former students)

"This is the most fun I've ever had doing something HARD!" (1st grade student)

"Thank you for being a loving, Christian example in our schools." (Parent of three elementary students)

"Thank you for all the care you take to share your music knowledge, skills and passion. [Our children} have made a lot of progress and continue to enjoy their lessons with you!" (Parent of 4th and 7th grader)

"Thank you so much for supporting [our daughter] in her learning and love of the cello." (Parents of 5th grade student)

"Thank you for the gift of music." (5th grade family)

"Thank you so much for an awesome, fun and educational year!" (7th Grade student)

"Thank you for being my violin teacher this year. You had a smile on your face every time we walked into the room. Our lessons were so short, but every time you made it fun the whole time. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!" (5th grade student(s))

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your great support and care for [our daughter]. I really appreciate all of your efforts, and hope you know how important your work is for us! so grateful for you!" (parent of 6th grade student)

"My appreciation of orchestra has gone through the roof. Your innovative spirit and love for what you do is inspiring."  (Colleague)

"Thank you for teaching me to play the bass. At first I couldn't even do F#. Now if I try to do our first songs, it is SO easy, but it used to be SO hard. Thank you for being my teacher. Don't cry because I'll be back!!" (4th grade student) 

"Thank you for being the best viola teacher ever!" (4th grade student)

"Thank you for all the extra work you did with me." (4th grader)

"Thank you SO much for teaching our son to play the cello. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and is excited to continue next year. You taught him to love and appreciate music, what a special gift! Your careful guidance and high expectations, what you do is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" (Parents of 4th grade student)

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