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Master’s Hands String Studio (MHSS)

Covid-19 Plan

Updated: August 2020



Families: Please check your child’s temperature on lesson day, prior to coming to the studio. Under 99.5*, is considered ‘fever-free’ according to MN Covid-19 screening guidelines, and thus safe to enter the studio. If your child’s temperature is 99.6* or higher, the MHSS requests that you keep your child home and call the studio to set up a FaceTime lesson that day.


If your child is showing any symptoms of Covid-19, please keep your child home and contact MHSS, Monica, to arrange a FaceTime lesson.


To ensure the safety of all the MHSS family overall, please do not send your child to the studio if he/she is exhibiting any of these symptoms. These are symptoms of Covid-19, but also other illnesses MHSS would like to protect it’s students from. (Fever, cough, shortness of breath, unusual fatigue, body aches, headache, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea)


Please ensure your student has used the restroom and thoroughly washed their hands prior to coming to lesson. If your child needs to use the studio restroom, lesson time will be lost as I will need to clean/sanitize that space immediately. Hand sanitizer is strongly recommended as well.


Student drop-off/pick-up will take place on the front sidewalk. Only students allowed in studio space. Parent/Studio communication will be via call, text, email or FaceTime.


Students: Students will enter the studio waiting area, where there will be two separate case opening/storage areas, spaced 6 ft apart. Students will be asked to enter the primary studio space with instrument and all books/supplies needed for lesson.


Students will be asked to check their temperature prior to entering the studio, if they have not yet done so that day. The no-touch thermometer and sanitizer wipes will be provided; instruction/guidelines will be taught to each student.


There will be an “entry” and “exit” path to the primary studio space, spaced 6 ft apart. Students will be guided to follow that path to maintain social distancing if there are two students inside the studio at a lesson transition time.


Upon entry and exit of the primary studio space, students will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided.


The studio will have available for student use as needed: hand sanitizer, disposable masks, gloves and tissues. The studio will also gladly accept any donations of such items!


MHSS, myself: As the instructor, I will check my temperature each morning, prior to beginning my teaching day. If 99.5* or below, the lesson day will go as planned. If 99.6* or higher, I will immediately contact that day’s students/families to shift to FaceTime lessons for the day.


I will monitor the students to ensure they are following the Covid-19 safety protocols.


I will sanitize all surfaces of the studio, including any potential students-shared items during each lesson transition. For upmost safety, it is highly recommended by the studio that students bring all of their own supplies whenever possible. This includes items such as rosin and pencils which are normally readily available to borrow.


I will thoroughly wash and sanitize my hands each time I exit and enter the studio.


I will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire studio no lesson than twice per week.


When I need to more closely interact with a student (tuning, assisting with instrument care, adjusting finger placement, hand position, point/write on the student’s book, piano keys, etc), I will sanitize my hands before and after the interaction.


*MASKS- As we are in my personal home, are engaged in one-to-one lessons, and adhering to the strict Covid-19 guidelines- my honest hope is that we can have our time in the primary studio space mask-free. (Masks should be worn by students while in the studio waiting area.) Music learning is highly emotional, and the masks hide so much of that critical element. In addition, with my hearing impairment, I cannot hear conversations when working with the muted effect the mask causes to the voice. In addition, much more than I realized prior to Covid-19, I do rely heavily on lip-reading. I want to be sure I am clearly hearing the voices (as well as the music!) of each of my students. If you are uncomfortable with the mask plan, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will make sure that you and your child feel safe during lesson time.


Protocol regarding confirmed case or exposure: MHSS asks that you, the parent, inform me, Monica, if your child tests positive for Covid-19, or has been exposed to a positive case. I will anonymously message that day’s students/families, and that day’s lessons will be via FaceTime for the next two lessons.


If I, or a member of my family living in my home, tests positive for Covid-19 or is exposed to a positive case; the entire studio will be fully on-line (FaceTime) for 14 days. This will be immediately communicated to the studio students/families. During that time, the entire studio will be thoroughly deep-cleaned and sanitized.



For questions or concerns regarding the Covid-19 plan for the MHSS studio~

Master’s Hands String Studio Contact information:

Call/Text: (952) 446-6888





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